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As a fifth grade teacher, Tony Vincent learned the power of online publishing when his students posted book reviews on Amazon.com twelve years ago. Since then Tony and his students have shared writing, art, audio, and video on the Web. Today as an educational technology consultant, Tony uses free sites like Blogger, PBworks, SlideShare, TeacherTube, Delicious, Posterous, and Twitter to share online resources, lesson ideas, podcasts, instructional videos, computer tips, and more. Find out specifically what Tony shares on the web and why. Learn the power of discovering other educators online and what they have to share. You will not only be motivated to stay dialed into the latest and greatest and what works in education and technology, but you’ll be inspired to share what you have to offer!

  1. PBworks.com is a great place to start a wiki
  2. Write book review on Amazon.com to share with an authentic audience
  3. Graph trends on the Web at google.com/trends
  4. Travel back in time with the WayBack Machine
  5. Arizona K-12 Center Blog
  6. Videoconferencing in the classroom with Skype
  7. Game Shows in the Classroom with JeopardyLabs
  8. Dropbox for File Syncing and Online Backup
  9. Presenter Notes Improve Slideshow Presentations
  10. Fun & Educational: Manipulating Digital Images
  11. Search for sites using Delicious
  12. Tony Vincent's bookmarks on Delicious
  13. Online-Stopwatch is a simple timer
  14. Webspiration is for concept mapping
  15. Vloud makes quiet MP3s louder
  16. Glogster makes online posters
  17. iEtherPad allows up to 16 people to type on one pad
  18. BlockPosters is where you can enlarge images for printing on multiple sheets of paper.
  19. Enlarge an image to print on several pieces of paper at BlockPosters.com
  20. Create online movies with Xtranormal
    1. World Hunger Example
    2. Drugs Example
    3. Chemistry Example
  21. Diigo is a good alternative to Delicious
  22. Learning in Hand blog for handhelds and podcasting
  23. Myna: Browser-Based Audio Editor
  24. Managing Podcast Creation in the Classroom
  25. Ustream webinar "Picks from the App Store"
  26. Radio WillowWeb - Radio for kids, by kids
  27. Radio WillowWeb planning packet
  28. Podcasting for Teachers & Students booklet
  29. Soft Reset podcast episode with teachers using netbooks
  30. Learning in Hand: iPods Podcast
  31. Posterous: Dead simple place to post everything by email
  32. Tony's post about Posterous at azk12.org
  33. TonyVincent.info is Tony's informal podcast record on his iPod touch and hosted on Posterous
  34. Tony on Twitter
  35. twentynot2000.com
  36. Course evaluation comment: "If I had one hour to live..."
  37. Webquest.org's copyright-friendly media list
  38. "What is a browser" video
  39. 1GB in 1980 vs. 1GB in 2010
  40. Filter Google Image Search results by Usage Rights
  41. Kidblog.org
  42. 10 Things Teachers Need to Know to Get Started with Twitter
  43. Slideshare.net for sharing slide shows
  44. Tony's Education & Technology Quotes slide show
  45. TonyVincent.net for everything Tony Vincent
  46. Social Media Count Widget


Add your own tools and resources:

46.   issuu.com multiformat converter in a Book, magazine or presentation

47.   usodelasticseneducacion  interesting wiki to begin with ICT´s in education


If you have something to share, please leave a link to it in a comment below! 

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Amanda Dahl said

at 9:35 am on Jan 23, 2010

these are great resources! I look forward to getting to know more about these sites especially the Presenter Notes for PowerPoint

Kim Thomas said

at 7:50 pm on Jan 24, 2010

All I need now is a few days to process all this great info! Tony always provides an informative and entertaining presentation. We are lucky that he is going to be working with us in Madison!

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